Ask yourself where you are going and you may find many answers.  But ask yourself what is possible, and it will open up a plethora of routes to be investigated.  So it is your mind’s purpose to obstruct some of your heart’s needs at times.  Allow your heart the free will it needs to bring forth change, and then enjoy the result; for it is the wisdom of God’s purpose that is seen when your heart does the choosing, and not just an endless route of upset given by man’s thoughts, when they only see the obstructions ahead.’

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God Worldwide

There is a strong temptation to link God with religion, but this must not be the case. God was with us long before religion was ‘invented’ by mankind, and will still be here long after religion has fallen out of favour!

God should be treated like your favourite grandpa, with respect, and looked to for help and advice.

God does not live in a church, mansion, cathedral, mosque, synagogue or other such place - He lives in your heart.

So open your heart and don’t let your mind over-rule your ‘gut’ feelings. Just be aware that God is here to help you in leading a better life!

One thing we are definitely not good at is communicating the things that are important.

We will chatter about all sorts of issues, except the one we need to. We will not ask for help. We feel that our problems are our problems and we should find a solution on our own.

But if you don’t know what the answer is, how do you solve the puzzle?

When you don’t know who can help, why don’t you ask God? He will always be there with guidance, you just have to be aware of the answer.

There is a section within this site that will tell you how to look and get the answer you need.

Give it a try, it’s free and you will never be rebuked.

God has many names, many of which you may know, but they all refer to the same being.

There are many religions about all with their ‘own’ God, but they all end up at the same place.

How so? Lets then liken it to someone you may (or may not) know - Mr Robert Smith.

To many he will be called just that - Mr Smith. But to someone else he may be Bob. His sons and daughters will refer to him as ‘Dad’, his wife will refer to him as ‘my husband’ (or partner), others may call him ‘smithy’ Some may even call him ‘Sir’.

But the one thing in common is that they all refer to the same man.

And so it is with God. Just be aware of that.

God Help Us

God Help Us

You are out in the middle of the sea in a small boat, and a storm comes up. It does not take much imagination to see that you may well be in trouble, and with assistance some distance away.

So we cry out to God to help us. It matters not if we are religious or not or whether we actually believe in God or not. Those are the words we will use and they will be

right from the heart!

But why do we ask for help from a Deity that we probably never consider in our normal daily lives? And yet when our backs are to the wall and we are in mortal danger,God is the first source we go to for assistance.

Could it be that deep in our hearts we know that He is there and we know that He will respond.

Just be aware that God is always in your heart and that you don’t have to wait for a crisis to ask for help from Him. Help is there if you only ask!

God Help Us