The contents of this site are designed to give you some ideas on making a better life for yourself, it does not give advice, but suggestions you can freely use. Contact us for advice on working out a personal issue you can’t seem to solve.


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We think we are all capable of having a better life, and we would like to help you achieve this. We do not give advice, but make suggestions that you can freely use. Make the most of your chances and opportunities. It can be good!

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Recurring Problems?
They may not always
be your fault.

Life Changing

This really is the course that could change the way you look at your life and the way you react to certain situations.

The course is Holistic which means that it deals with the whole of you - mind, body and spirit, because that is how you are
made up, and you need to nurture them
all to control your life.

There is no ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or magic involved, just a lot of help, common sense and advice on how to calm down in times of stress, how to relax properly, how to deal with issues, and yes, how to deal with difficult people.

The course comprises of three 6 hour modules held over 3 separate months, and each module comes complete with a personal workbook.

Life Changing

Books can be really expensive, but we have a range of free ebooks (multi-formatted) and our own inexpensive, printed books available in our Bookshop

One of the most popular and effective things we do is our “One to One” workshop.

This is especially tailored to your needs in life. This session is around 6 hours and includes a light lunch. Many things will be covered.

Find out more, you may be surprised.

Retreats:   Spalding, Lincolnshire  This is the location of our retreat taking place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd November 2014.
The Retreat is held at the White Lodge 5* Guest House in Spalding and is o
pen to both residents and non-residents. Most of the information you want will be found on the Retreats page, as well as an enquiry form. We will start to take firm bookings in September but you can show your interest by filling the enquiry form and this will give you priority when it comes to booking (there is no obligation at this stage).

New Retreat announced at Spalding, Lincolnshire

Despite the title, this site is not about religion. It is all about communication and being human.

One thing we are not good at is communicating the things that are important. We will chatter, but not ask for help. We misguidedly feel that all problems are our problems and we should sort them our ourselves

The dawn of your new life could be now - if you let it….

Are you suffering from what seems to be recurring problems, no matter how you try and resolve them?

They may not be your fault and on your own you may not be able to resolve why they are happening. Past lives can sometimes have a great effect on the current life you are living.

We have an article that you can download that goes someway to explaining about past lives and the release from the problems that they can cause.

The release from these problems can allow you to start to live the sort of life that puts you in control.

Have a chat with us and se where it leads. There is no obligation.

Regression and Release Explained

But if you don’t know what the answer is, how do you solve it?

We don’t claim to know all of the answers, but there are many which may seem impossible, but aren’t. In most cases we will be able to offer a solution that you can work at.

You lose nothing by talking to us.