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…a non-religious view of the energy that powers us.


Your wisdom is knowing that by asking for a gift to be given, you are allowing yourself to move forward correctly, even when there doesn’t seem to be a way!

Trust in God to provide the right solution on your life. Sometimes you have to learn by your mistakes, but even failure can be your success if you look on it as a lesson in life and move forward positively

Always work with the ‘now’; you cannot change the past.

Your love is what powers others and yet you do not use it on yourself. Ask for help to do this.

By not loving yourself you restrict the flow of love around you by suggesting you feel you are ‘unworthy’ of love. You then limit it’s power to heal, generate goodness and move you forward.

Give yourself a hug and accept your own forgiving love for who you are, and then you will be more powerful, not only for yourself, but also for others.

Understand that there is a power in the universe that brings an eternal dimension to learning. It is a giving power that allows for growth.

It is a powerful and vital energy with the world and has many names according to the belief you hold. If you have none, then you may struggle, and yet it is vital to your needs.

So believe within yourself you have a magic button to press that will vitalise your life as never before, and allow you a great power for the future.

You are given the power and opportunity to shout out for help any time you need it. Don’t be reluctant to do so.

We all sometimes find ourselves in situations where we need some assistance. You can ask for help at any time, just call out, it is there. Always trust God to provide the right long term solution.

He doesn’t use a plaster to cover a wound; he heals the wound and, with your help and cooperation, prevents it reoccurring.

Be aware that there is no way you can let down God unless you refuse His love.

You are a cherished being and you often learn by your mistakes. God does not deny you your learning.

But refuse His love by denying His presence, and you not only let Him down, you let yourself down, for you deny the inspiration and power in your life that is God

Hey! Allow yourself to imagine the power that is within you right now, and let it take you forward. It will be.

Be positive, even if you can’t see the solution, and it will help you to progress.

By believing in the power, you are allowing the energies to manifest, that will take you forward in the best possible way. Trust in that.