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…a non-religious view of the energy that powers us.

The Unwritten Contract

By Frances Munro

Whoever you are and whatever stage of life you’ve reached,
you share a common bond with everyone else on he Planet.

You are here on a mission.

Just as you commitment to life is vital, your acceptance of
help from the God Energy is fundamental to your journey.
God ignited the spirit flame within you, and offers support
and guidance throughout your life, so that you can fulfil
your journey in the best way. Why would you want to
have anything less?

Your life has a purpose and if you remove yourself from
the ‘Power Supply’ of God’s Universal Energy, your life,
and ultimately the world, will be poorer for it.

My new book(soon to be published) The Unwritten Contract brings you a fuller
picture than you have ever before received of your journey on Earth, God’s part in it, Jesus’s
role, death, the Spirit Realms and other Earthly and planetary beings.

It explains why you are here, what you can do to discover your role, and it takes you step by step through your own skill development plan, so that you can understand and achieve your full potential.

The facts come from the Source itself, God. Other contributors are the Son of God who outlines the role of angels, fairies and even Satan and the Devil, and also Esquago, who explains about life on other planets.

Do you feel you know the answers already? I’m almost certain that you don’t. So much will amaze you, and happily I can say that so much of what you read will make perfect sense.

Read about your life before, during and following your life on Earth, and understand why you can’t avoid the fall at times, but you can learn how to make them a worthwhile part of your journey.

The Unwritten Contract will be published soon. Use this link if you want more information